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How you can become a member!

Becoming a member is simple and priced to be accessible to all.  Read through our Borrowing Guide and print/fill out our Membership Application on the right side of the page.  During our open hours, bring in: 1. the Application along with 2. a form of photo ID, and 3. a piece of mail with your current address on it and we’ll have you set up in no time.  Cost of memberships and what they offer are listed below.  Check, cash or card are all accepted forms of payment.  Contact us if you can’t afford it and we’ll help set you up.


$15 – Monthly Memberships

Monthly memberships allow you access to up to 8 tools a week, the ability to reserve shop space for personal use, and classes taught by members of the community.


$25 – $50 Yearly Memberships

Yearly memberships are charged on a graduated scale based on your income.  For example, if you make $30,000 a year you would pay $30.  $25 is the minimum charge for a yearly membership and they offer the same benefits as monthly memberships.


$250 – Lifetime Memberships

Lifetime members enjoy everything the library offers indefinitely!  Same benefits as yearly and monthly memberships, but you only pay once.  Offered for a limited time only.