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The Carlisle Tool Library is empowering the community by making tools, shop space, and expertise available to everyone. It’s like a book library – you borrow the tools you need and return them when you’re finished. There are no rental fees – you make a monthly or yearly contribution and get access, plain and simple.

Our objective is to empower you to take mechanical problems into your own hands. Learn how to drain a grease trap, build a birdhouse, or replace a doorknob. We have the tools, the space, and the resources you need to make your own projects happen. Use the resources of your community to build the things you’ve always wanted to build – it’s cheaper than renting!

Residents of the following counties are eligible for membership:








Memberships : 

Monthly = $15 a month

Yearly = $25 - $50 *

Lifetime = $250

*Yearly memberships are based on annual income.  e.g. $37 membership for 37,000 in annual income.  Minimum is $25


Community effort makes projects like the Carlisle Tool Library possible. If you want to volunteer your time or donate tools, please contact us below.  Get involved with this important community effort.  Time, donations, and knowledge are the backbone of any successful sharing library.


There are current restrictions in place due to Covid-19:

Only one customer at a time will be allowed inside the library.

Customers must wear a mask when inside the library.

Customers must stay within the delineated area inside the library entrance.

Holiday Closings:

Sat. 11/27/21, Fri. 12/24/21 , Sat. 12/25/21 , Fri. 12/31/21 , Sat. 1/1/22

Library Hours :

Monday : 4-7 PM

Tuesday : Closed

Wednesday : CLOSED


Friday : 4-7PM

Saturday : 9AM - 3PM

Sunday : CLOSED


Stop by, sign up, and browse our collection of tools! To sign up bring us a government issued ID, proof of residency, and a form of payment.  We hope to see you around the shop!


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